Love INC

Love In the Name of Christ

Mission Statement:

To glorify God through His Son Jesus Christ, by mobilizing churches and volunteers in Adams County, INDIANA and give them a greater opportunity to work together in responding to the needs of hurting individuals and families.

Customer Testimonials

Here you can read just some of the testimonials that we have received from our clients.

If we have helped you and you would like to submit a testimony, just fill out the form below and we will post it for others to read if you request.

To the Love INC:


Thank you for helping me out. It feels good to turn my life around to the lord. It feels good to see that light when I open the door. I know the lord is with me everyday.

I lost him at one time and know I found him. I'm going to keep him close to my heart. The Lord opened a door for me, that will never be closed again. Life is good when we walk with Christ. Good things happen in your life.

Thank you once again for praying for me and helping me out. (The work of his hands are, Faithful and just; all his precepts are trustworthy.)

Thank you once again. I pray day and night the Lord is with me I know, and I pray for others that need help.



Love INC recently helped a client.  She was unemployed and in need of financial assistance.  We were able to help her with a small amount of assistance.  Since she came in, she has now gotten a full time job with benefits.  She stated that she felt God's presence during this whole time and knows He worked things out for her the way He wanted them to work out.  Since then, she has donated food to help other clients out.  She is so grateful for what Love INC did for her!